Ramalinga was born in Marudur (next to Chidambaram, in South India), on sunday October, 5 1823. Being only five months, his parents carried him with themselves in pilgrimage to the temple of Nataraja in Chidambaram. His father died a month later. Moved their residence to Madras, the older brother Sabapathi assumed the responsibilities of family head. When Ramalinga was five years old, with a prodigious facility he learned to read under the supervision of the Sabapathi's teacher. Instead of attending to the school, he passed the time reciting in ecstasy poems written by himself in the temple of Kanthakottam (Madras). Sabapathi reproached him this attitude, but seeing that it didn't give any result he ordered his wife Pappammal never more admit him in their house to feed. Breaking this order, she fed him secretly when he was hungry because she considered him as if he was her own brother.

Arrived the anniversary of their father's death, Sabapathi prepared a banquet inviting to all friends and relatives. Ramalinga, that had not dared to attend there, found his sister-in-law waiting for him in the rear door of the house when he arrived secretly late in the night. She invited him kindly to take the leftovers of the feast, but seeing how he swallowed the cold and past food, moved by a deep maternal feeling, she started to cry. He asked her the reason of her crying and she, with smoothness, begged him turn to study as it was the wish of his brother, since he shouldn't be seen in the need of eat cold meal neither to do it stealthy. Ramalinga boy was moved by her loving words as well as by the affection and compassion demonstrated. Then he asked for have a room that was free in the top of the stairs, and also a mirror and a lamp because he was determined to study. What he requested was granted him instantly and he was enclosed in that room. It is said that once being there he lavished praises on the Divine. The Eternal Light (Arut Jothi) was filtered through the mirror spilling abundant Grace on him, who obtained the Omniscience power from God himself. Ramalinga received his instruction by the Grace, not admitting reply the fact that all was learned in intuitive way. This event, happened in the house of Madras at the age of nine, was decisive in his life. Each one of the tears spilled by Pappammal, moved by a maternal and loving instinct affection, were returned years later with the creation of Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Movement.